The friends you'll meet, the places you'll see, are all part of the journey, for we are all Kindred Spirits. We believe in serendipity,... "the effect by which one accidentally discovers something fortunate, especially while looking for something else entirely",

Somewhere in between the plans and the details, the real adventure begins.   

We understand that a chance encounter can change your life, because when the right people come together at the right time, it's magic.

Travel changes you in ways that reading about it never can. It's not the things you look back and say you did,.. it's the things you didn't.

Tour Leaders

Guest Speakers and Tour Leaders are those individuals that travel with you on your journey providing workshops or evening events that are related to your tour. Here are some of our Speakers, Teachers, Healers and Advisors.

Rebecca Sommers - Ireland - England - Scotland

What does a love of Travel, Divination, Comparative Religion and Ancestry have in common? Well for Rebecca Sommers, these unlikely combinations provide a rich background in the ability to see the interconnectedness of life.

After visiting sacred sites in Ireland and the Orkneys Islands, Rebecca started planning similar trips for others. Rebecca believes that travel to sacred sites connects us to our past. "Our ancestors still speak to us across time with the messages they have left for us, clues to what they believed and how they lived". Passionate about travel and it’s possibilities, she gives lectures on sacred sites to special interest groups and offers workshops on Psychic Skills and Divination systems as well as Guided Meditations.

Rebecca has studied divination for over 10 years and reads Tarot cards, Runes and The Celtic Tree Lore known as Oghams. Rebecca weaves these interests into a rich tapestry of Ancestry, History and the Divine that will have you walking between the worlds. She offers a rare blend of the sacred with travel, or as she describes it “having a divine sense of adventure”. An activist for Pagan rights, Rebecca is an outspoken advocate for the religious liberties of Wicca and other religious minorities.

Rebecca is married and lives in the Chicago land area. She has been giving psychic readings for over 9 years and can be found at local metaphysical bookstores in her area. A contributor to the Pagan Pages E-Zine, she has written about Sacred Sites around the world. She is a member of RCGI, Tigers Eye Temple and the Temple of the Four Winds.

Contact us by calling (877) 234-7578 and ask for Rebecca or email

Shelby Laubhan - Thailand

A native to the ChicagoLand area, Shelby’s admiration for nature, art and community is centerfold in her desire to promote a consciousness of interconnectedness, and the health which derives from such. Shelby’s decade long work in the environmental field has directed her on the path to advocating how one’s personal health is inseparable from the health of their natural environment – to quote Aldo Leopold’s Land Ethic, “[We’re] all interlocked in a humming community of co-operation and competitions, one biota.”

As a former government official, outdoor naturalist, organic farmer and most recently a Peace Corps Thailand volunteer, Shelby finds that just as diversity of species creates a healthy balanced ecosystem, diversity in a people’s education, nutrition, spirituality and culture makes for healthy balanced humans. In addition, her confidence in humans’ ability to live the “good life” and be self-sufficient take root from a diversity of teachings such as Wendell Berry, Helen and Scott Nerring, Buddha and even the American pioneers.

Shelby is a lover of storytellers, healers and peacemakers. She believes that all education is environmental education, and in her teachings she cultivates imagination, tolerance, happiness and benevolence.

Cameron Donley - Thailand

Hailing from the Washington, DC metropolis, Cameron is a dynamic woman, educated in philosophy, international relations, arts and humanity. She is a certified and confident practitioner of massage therapy, compassionate in her desire to connect people with their bodies and to improve their lives emotionally and/or physically. Her intuition often guides her straight away to a person’s ailment, while her good humor and aptitude eases her clients’ apprehensions.

Cameron has defined bodywork as her profession after following a diverse path of international development work that lead to her living and traveling in over half-a-dozen countries. She advocates that the unconventional way is actually the most conventional way to revelation and self-discovery.

Gemma McGowan - Kells

Bed and breakfast owner and tour guide Gemma McGowan was born and reared in Kells, Co. Meath in the very heart of Irelands Royal County. Her love of place was instilled in her from an early age by her father, who has always been an avid local historian and walker and many weekends were spent climbing the Loughcrew Hills to chat to the Callaigh or adventuring into the mounds of Newgrange and Knowth to find the Dagda or catch a glimpse of the fairy folk.

But it was Gemma’s mum who established White Gables Bed and Breakfast in the 1990’s and quickly built up a reputation of excellence, providing travellers with the warmest of welcomes and the best in homemade fare.

White Gables Inn

Gemma herself has worked in tourism for many years, managing the tourist information centre at Trim Castle in Co. Meath, the largest and most impressive Norman Castle in Ireland and she is delighted to continue on the McGowan family tradition of excellence and to welcome you into her home. She offers the traveller a unique experience when visiting White Gables. A complete package to include personalised guiding services, traditional Irish music evenings and delicious homemade meals are available.

And our Newest Guide,..

Conner "Mac" Donah

Our newest addition here at Kindred Spirits Tours is Conner Mac Donah of the Clan "Mac" Donah. Specialing in the "wee" folk of Ireland, Conner loves Faery Rings, Stone Forts and naps in the glen under the willow tree.  He especially loves his grandmother singing him his favorite lullaby as she whispers secrets and charms to him.

We will update you on his adventures as he travels the magickal realms and  reports back to you in his very own travelogue called Conner's Travels.