Paranormal Investigations

Kindred Spirits Tours Presents a unique event, hostd by a local paranormal group

Our research group combines their backgrounds in photography and investigations with a deep and abiding love of things that go bump in the night to provide a fresh and unique look at ghost hunting. We provide a solid foundation for anyone who wishes to learn more about this fascinating realm of inquiry using a sound, logical approach to the science and techniques used by successful paranormal investigators. Learn the methods, critical thinking skills, and theories by reviewing equipment & techniques used in the investigation of haunted locations.

· Take readings, recordings and pictures to capture proof of the paranormal

· Investigate reports of paranormal activities with our equipment

· Do your own investigation of some of the most famous HAUNTED Places

Upon arrival, you will learn how to use paranormal research equipment and learn to do your own investigation by taking readings, recordings and pictures to document paranormal activity. Our investigators will be there for guidance, however, in this case, you are the ghost hunter.

· EVP—Electronic Voice Phenomenon

· EMF—Electro Magnetic Fields

· Basic Photography—Orbs, Mists and Anomalies

· Documentation and Research

Then we will spend the duration of the class at an off site location in the Northwest Suburbs. Whether you are a fan of things that go bump in the night, a skeptic seeking scientifically feasible theories to explain a haunted location, or a field investigator looking to expand your expertise, this event has something for everyone. Whether you believe in ghosts or not you will find the information thought - provoking.

Will to want to bring along some equipment of your own. Suggested items to bring:

· Camera (digital recommended)

· Flashlight

· Small notebook—pen

· Digital recorder (optional)

· Appropriate weather gear and comfortable boots or shoes

Locations are a combination of indoor and outdoor investigations and are held rain or shine. Be prepared for either type of event. Keep in mind that these supernatural tours, although fun, can be very intense at times, so be prepared. This mind-altering experience will be one that you will never forget and may just turn that skeptic into a believer!

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