Customized Group Travel 

How would you like to take a trip with a group of your closest friends to sacred sites around the world, using guides and lecturers that understand the importance of the inner experience as well as the outer journey. Explore the most sacred and spiritual places on earth.

Imagine traveling with 6 or more of your friends, exploring sacred sites in the Orkneys, celebrating the Celtic Festivals at a castle in the heart of Ireland or exploring the land of Braveheart in the highlands of Scotland.

Kindred Spirits will design every aspect of your program, schedule dates and establish pricing from budget to 5 stars trip. YOU organize the passengers and we'll organize the travel program. As a host, you can do as much or as little as you want, it's your trip, we design it around your ideas and your plans. From the moment you leave until you arrive back home, every detail is taken care of so that you can enjoy the trip as much as your guests. 

Or just sit back and let us match you with other travelers who share your interests. You never have to travel alone again.

To get started, simply fill call toll free (630)554-1111 and ask for Rebecca.

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