October/November 2010 Tour -  Gallarus Oratory, County Kerry Ireland 

April/May 2010 Tour -  Newgrange, County Meath Ireland

 April/May 2009 Tour -Torc Waterfall, Killarney, County Kerry Ireland

On a recent tour of Ireland our group visited sacred sites. Many of them were places of natural beauty, some were Monastic sites, some were Pagan and Druidic. Here are a few things they had to say about their trip.

I highly recommend going on a Kindred Spirits Tour. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip! A new world opened up to me and a very old world become home in my heart. There is nothing that can compare to being taken back to an ancient time in myth and lore. Plus I went by myself and felt safe and right at home with the group.

Sue Quarto

Rebecca provides careful, thoughtful planning and preparing for the tour. The fine and wonderful details of the tour made the trip delightful. Some outstanding experiences will contribute to a lifetime of memories.

Jackie, Joliet, IL.

My husband and I went to Ireland with Rebecca to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. We renewed our vows at Kinnitty Castle and had the most magical time! We've traveled together extensively over the 25 years that we have been together and traveling to Ireland with Rebecca was the most wonderful time we have had on any trip. We talk about our trip all the time and have some beautiful pictures to keep the memories very much alive. Everything was taken care of for us, from the flight out to the flight back home. We had no worries on this trip at all. For anyone traveling by themselves or out of the country for the first time, this is a great trip to go on! We learned so much about Ireland. It's history, culture and landscape. Just amazing!

Denise and Andy, Sugar Grove, IL.

I'm not sure that the phrase "trip of a lifetime" could even sum of the experience I had traveling to Ireland with Rebecca. She provides such an amazing journey for the soul. From the breathtaking sacred sites to the haunted castles - there's something for everyone to appreciate. Not only was I awestruck with Ireland itself, but with Rebecca's wealth of knowledge. The new friendships that were made, or the old ones that grew will be cherished forever. I look forward to taking many more exciting adventures with Rebecca and Forecast Travel.

Ashley Michelle, Oswego, Illinois

I had a phenomenal time on my trip to Ireland! I know that most of this can be attributed to Rebecca’s planning. I literally didn’t have to worry about a single detail. I was able to go and experience the many different facets of the country and culture and could rest assured just knowing that every little thing was taken care of. Not only would I join another of Rebecca’s group tours, but I would also consider having her plan a custom trip just for me. She was friendly and knowledgeable and I couldn’t have asked for more than was provided. Thanks Rebecca!

Kathryn Wright

My trip to Ireland with Forecast Travel and Rebecca Sommers was a sampling of images, places, energies and friendships. I feel there is much to learn through travel and I feel fortunate for the experience, When I look back at the pictures, I recall the feelings, sensations and messages I had on this journey. I recommend taking a trip to help rejuvenate your soul and connect to the sacred places on earth.

Gail Alexander Skokie, IL                                               www.gailalexandermandalas.com

I have to tell you that I had the time of my life in Ireland. I miss being in Ireland because I loved the trip so much. When someone asks me what was my favorite part of the trip, I reply, "Everything". I can't say enough about how wonderfully fantastic it was and what a great job you did organizing everyone and everything. I definitely want to return someday and explore more of the island.

Suzanne Rutherford                                                                                                       Northglenn, CO

Thank you for the Fabulous trip and your wonderful hospitality!

Jeanne Iverson
Greeley, CO

And here is what others had to say,.....

Rebecca is a travel planner that doesn't just recommend what she reads in a travel agent magazine. She recommends places that she's been to. Places she's experienced herself. Places she knows others will enjoy. Rebecca plans trips that will open your eyes to the world around you, and inspire you to travel to far away places over and over again. With Rebecca, you don't get the cookie cutter vacation that you read about in magazines. You get a personalized trip, where you experience the culture, you meet the local people, you eat the foods the locals recommend, and you see the history and the past that the bus tours never see. I've known Rebecca for over 10 years, and recommend her with the highest regard. Plan your trip today!

Richard Nagle
Night Owl Photography

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful trip we took to Scotland. It was so awesome to just pack my bags, show up and be on my way. I never had to plan a thing or worry where we would sleep as you had it perfectly organized. We saw so many interesting and beautiful places in Scotland. I think one of my favorite days was the day spent in the Orkney’s with our guide, she gave us so many historical tidbits we might have missed if not for her expertise. The next time I want to take a tour abroad I will certainly feel at ease leaving it all up to Forecast Travel. Thanks again for a memorable and awesome travel experience

 Kim Deal
Carol Stream, IL

“Rebecca did an amazing job of planning our trip to the smallest detail, including giving us daily itineraries and maps of our destinations before we ever left home. Even more impressive was that her knowledge of the country and the associated travel requirements from one place to the next were very accurate, which made her schedules practical and reliable. I would travel again with Rebecca anytime, and let her do all of the planning.”

Anthony Deal                                                                                                                                   Carol Stream,  IL

Thanks so much for the hard work, our Irish vacation was one we will always remember! You pulled it together last minute and we are so thankful.

Mary and Kevin Fitzgibbons                                                                                            Palatine, IL