Journey across the mists of time,
Hear the ancient echos,
Learn the stories of long ago, Touch the Stone of Destiny,
Come feel the spirit, breathe the air,
Let the land tell you a story. "

Let us take you on a journey,....

Event travel or what we call "intentional" travel is for like minded people that share the same interests. These travelers share a unique way of looking at the world with a sense of awareness and purpose.

Our tour leaders are adventurous resourceful people who enjoy sharing their love of travel with others. We offer you time to explore on your own, balanced with planned activities that provide a well rounded travel experience.

Our tours provide the convenience of having your accommodations, transportation and tours arranged for you. Perfect for the lone traveler that wants the security and convenience of a group but without the feel of a large impersonal tour.

We take the worry out of travel so you can fully enjoy your experience and travel with confidence. 

Kindred Spirits Tours speaks to the adventurous spirit in all of us. 

Learn to step away from the roles that define your everyday self. Learn to be present and be in the moment. Kindred Spirits understands that the journey is about YOU!

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